The year of 2020 had a new situation about the life and obviously in Challenge BIG.

In 2018 Heiko Linnert, Christian Weytmans and me were talking that the BIG cycling need to have four criterions together: health, motivation, free time and money. If these are together, you can go to challenge. Mean time I think you need a new one: the possibility for travelling safe abroad. Vainly you have the first four things if the last one hinder the challenge.

In 2020 I didn’t go abroad to holiday or BIG travel, in turn I had a plan to LEJoG 3535, only „all by bike” to Slovakia, when the border-line opens. The latter I enjoyed the cycling without restaurants, without accomodations, … without contacts. I woke up early in the morning, put full my pockets and went a circle by bike in Slovakia. (The bordercrossing is seven kilometers from my home.) I had more than thousand kilometers such this way.

Besides I don’t forget the best cycling was in my homecountry.

The BIG cycling has got another challenges not only claim the new BIGs. In 2010 the BIG Challenge was 25th years old. This was the point when another challenge was born. Then I thought this activity simply concentrate that year. Hovewer I have found a great challenge.

At that time I was thinking which Superbig (then I didn’t find Eurobigs or NATaCHAs) will be the best choice for me. The Galyatető is the closest but the Pannonhalma is the easiest for me in Hungary. Eventually I have chosen Pannonhalma. After my family holiday (which was the Lake-Balaton) I achieved the 25 climbs to the top of Pannonhalma. It was fun!

At the end of the year PresiDan extended this challenge to the next year and after. It has had a superb possibility for us.

In 2011 four hungarian BIG members (Aladar Puskas, György Domonkos, Gabor Vincze and me) commenced the Galyatető ironbig. From time to time together or alone. We have chosen various routes sometimes on gravel roads or paths. At first we did in snow and the last one – rigidly together –  was in autumn with a cobbled road on the North side. In May we had a Regional BIG meeting here include three different climbs. Up to this day this „ironbig” has got a several records for me:

the distance: 1889 km,

the level difference: 24 821 m,

the time: 93 hours and 58 minutes.

And the complete average speed was a nice, 22,6 km/h.

I liked this challenge and from 2012 I have chosen minimum one new ironbig per year. First time my goal was all hungarian superbigs. I was finished in 2013 and from the next year I selected from abroad and later from NATaCHA. In 2018 I achieved the title of „Super Ironbig” after 25th the ironbig. My goal to 2020 was the „Extra Ironbig” after the 50th ironbig and parallel my 50th birthday.

The 50th ironbig for me was the Tokaji-hegy. This climb was on the list of the Eurobigs since 2016. This peak is standing of the Zemplén-mountain which locate NE in Hungary. This is a determining summit in surroundings. 512 m high and the climb has got more than 400 meters DOL less than six km distance. Thoughtful climb! This area is the part of the Word Heritage since 2020.

In 2001 I climbed this mountain for the first time. Then it was a time trial race. I was surprised at the hardness and beauty. When the BIG has got a possibility to the enlargement I suggested.

The village name of the foot is Tarcal. The route leave the village after some curves. Sorry but the asphalt road later will be very bad include some halls. You can climb by roadbike but you will need a very slowly downhill. So, after the village both sides of route you can see the viniculture vinerys. The slope will be more and more hard. Once the vinerys give out and the road slip on the forest. Nice forest include a giant trees. In summer you have a great feeling. After the last hairpin at the left side is the ski-truck. Suddenly the forest is opening and appear the TV tower and the beautiful landscape on the top. Very-very nice place!

So, at the end of August 2020. I traveled to Tarcal with my family. I prepared to climb 25 climbs under four days and my family choosed a trips to the nice castles and forests in Zemplén-mountain. Due to the bad road I had an MTB with slick tires. First couple climbs I charted the situation, which climbs will be maximum per day. The refershments were ideal, because our accomodation was near to the climb. In first day was a traffic-jam, because it was a hungarian feast day (state instution). This situation had got a difficulty rather in downhill. I didn’t find a high speed duo to the slowly cars. Hovewer the scenery and the weather were very nice. In the daytime my friend – and BIG member – Csaba Holló-Vaskó arrived and climbed once time with me to the top. He cycled from Miskolc and back which capacity not too easy for him. We had a great feeling with together cycling. At the and of the day I had eight climbs. After I visited the „Monument of Jeus Christ”. The route to the statue is very hard include 20% degrees.

The next two days I had eight climbs per days, but the downhills were faster. The difference of speed was very high, due to the cars pulled off. Sometimes I achieved the 60 km/h. Few cyclers and runners climbed the peak. After the climbs I enjoyed the dinners in the restaurant and the lying in my bed.

Last day early in the morning I climbed one more time. This was the 25th climbs – under 72 hours. This climb was unique, because I was alone in the forest. I like this feeling. I visited the monument again and I took a photo with the montage. This montage was maked by Gabor Vincze and content 50 photos about my 50 ironbigs from ten countryes under ten years.

The „Ironbigs” were a great adventure! I like the rhytm of ironbig and I can find some new thing every time. „No man ever steps in the same river twice”. - Heractilus

…and be fit. Very-very fit. Daniel Gobert said after my Börzönce’s (NAT/HUN) 25x (56 km and 2875 m DOL – directly 28 km/2875 m up.)  „What a tremendous ironbig !”

I felt good, but I think this is the ceiling – for me – in this challenge.

Near the experiences and beauty few data after 50 ironbigs:

Distance: 11 264 km

DOL: 242 251 m

Total time: 28 days 7hours 54 minutes

Maximum speed: 73,1 km/h (Salgóbánya – NAT/HUN)

Average speed: 16,28 km/h

Yearly limit: 4

Monthly limit: 14

Dayly limit: 32

Gabor Kreicsi