NATaCHA Italia

NAT-ITA = Natacha nr 13



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General management : BIGCYCLING (Newlist group)

Consultants : Brunetti Gabriele, Repetti Mauro, Mosconi Marco, Alberini Enrico, Candeli Luigi.

General Presentation

Before reading the list, looking at the map or the classement, have a look to the presentation of this amazing challenge. 800 summits everywhere in one of the most fabulous cycling country in Europe...

A lot of jewels distributed in the whole country, with legendary climbs of course but also plenty of discoveries ! With the reading of this presentation, you will have the wish to taste it.


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General Geography
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To see the list of the 800 climbs, clic in the menus here up, the menu "NAT-ITA-LIST-800"

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