You are in zone +. It's a special zone. 

This zone trades with the numbers 866 to 875 & 951 to 1000. 

This zone decides if, when reaching the score of 1000, you win the Eurobig or the Superbig.


You have already claimed one of those numbers ?

Don't mind, everything is ok ! The nr claimed before stays in your score whatver you claimed. This number is allowed to your palmares forever. Congratulations !


You want to claim one of those numbers ?

 The specificity of the numbers of those zones is that you have 2 different ways to claim.


1st way 

You can clic on the zones+ here up the page and go to climb those european eastern climbs. You can claim yourself the number just like you did for all the bigs from zone1 to zone10. 


2nd way

You can go out of Europe and climb some ascents that you choose yourself. But to claim them, you must follow some rules 


Rule 1 

The numbers you want to claim must be in the following continents and wil be assigned by continent in numeric order.

866-875 : Ex-USSR

951-960 : North America

961-970 : Asia

971-980 : Africa

981-990 : South America

991-1000 : Oceania 

The countries must be included in the continents BIG-labelled, that means included in the geographic spaces of the continents like shown in the official maps.


Rule 2

The climb that you want to suggest in this continent must be in agreement with the official ordinogramm BIG-labelled 


Rule 3

To claim them, you must for each of them, send the BIG-labelled zone+ formular available here up this page, completely filled to the zone+ manager. It's him and only him that will add the "+1" in your score by giving you the claim of the wanted number. It can takes times (checking times, downtime,etc...)

You want to replace the name of one of those numbers already claimed ?

You can without problem replace one of the fixed names in the zones+ in european eastern countries by "out of Europe" names. The zone+ manager will do it if your climb out of Europe is in agreement with the rules written here upper and the claims will be assigned by numerical order by continent.

You can NOT replace one name "out of Europe" by one eastern european name in zones+. It's impossible to do and have nosense because the "out of Europe" are superior.


What will you get if you reach the score 1000 ?

If you reach the score 1000 and that those numbers are all in zones+ Eastern Europe, or some in zones+ Eastern Europe and some out of Europe : you'll win the EUROBIG FINISHER TROPHEE.

If you reach the score 1000 and that all of those numbers are "out of Europe", you'll win the SUPERBIG FINISHER TROPHEE, the most superior trophee of the BIGcycling world. 

For more explanations please contact your manager PRIOR to claim or prior to climb.


Here is the table with the parallel number eurobig and superbig


Visit the pdf presentation of the 60 eurobigs HERE