NaTaCha Andorra











Our third national challenge visits a small but mountaineous country between France and Spain, called Andorra. Only 25 climbs but what a variety and what a general landscape here.

In this short list, we obviously find the 6 existing bigs but also a lot of other regional specialities. Final mediatic climbs in races like La Gallina have been added. A lot of end-roads driving you to exceptional landscapes of nowhere are included. The difficulty lies on the fact that all the climbs could start from Andorra city but we chose to reserve this start to the longest ones and to let the other ones start on the point located on this road with a shorter length. But taste them, you'll like them ! Taste the touristic area of the wellknown Ruta del ferro, taste the incredible steepness of the unforgettable Pic de carroi, taste the shortest climb called Urina, taste the views on Andorra city available in the Roc de Sola road and taste the crossing streets of La Massina leading to Salze with cobbles steep sections like in Flanders, final gradients over 25% and inside the eastern side, just an exception in our rules, one time, a short staircase to climb holding your bike like in a cyclo-cross event. 


  Static Physical map