2766 - KARLOVITZ Kristof


Finishing mountain climbing I started marathon running and serious biking in an age of over forty, in the mid ?80-s. The first great tour (Budapest - Nice - Budapest, all the way through the high Alpine passes) was followed with many others in the Alps, in the Pyrénées, in the Spain, Corsica, Italy, Germany, Czech and Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia ? and, of course, in Hungary, on road racing bike, on mountain bike, and, in the last three years, on recumbent bike. However the most important thing for me is to meet the beauties of the nature, I like also extreme challenges, like the ride through nine high passes in one day (Albulapass, Ofenpass, Umbrailpass, Passo Stelvio, Passo Foscagno, Passo Eira, Forcola di Livigno, Passo Bernina and Julierpass, 195 km, 5600 m climbing), or to ride the 616 km distance from Prague to Budapest in 36 hours. My nickname ?Pupu? means ?Humpy?, after the two humps of the camel, who I am: the humps are my wife and my daughter? Seriously, I couldn?t have this fantastic way of life without the great support of my wife and family!