2028 - Kráľova Hoľa

not cyclable by roadbike due to rough gravel

PAL Gabor - 02-09-2019:
Tough climb due to loose stones and steadily high gradients. Therefore also quite challenging downhill, be careful and take care of yourself (here was my first fall since climbing BIGs). The upper 5.5 km is bad quality tarmac, significantly better than the first 6.5 km of gravel road. Hardly any motorized traffic. Spectacular scenery in the last 4 km.
CHARBONNIER Robert - 18-10-2018:
Muletier déjà indiqué / Gravel already indicated
WEYTMANS Christiaan - 23-09-2018:
I tried to do this BIG in september 2018 with my roadbike, but I did not succeed because it is no gravel but schotter: small loose stones. I need a MTB for this BIG.