The BIGcycling world is not empty of relationship. Meetings between members do exist.

It's the good event to meet other members and to share our same passion and our experiences.

There are a few different meetings.

1. The annual official meeting

One time a year, every time in a different country, choosen by the members inside the forum a few years before, sometimes in May, sometimes in November but more often during summer (JUly-August), the annual meetings can claim from 10 to 50 participants.This annual meeting is managed in the months before the event, by the Executive Committee and each time, if possible, one of them is included inside the participants to lead the group. The duration of the meeting is from 3 to 7 days and it can be a moving tour or in some similar starting-place. 

2. The national meetings (or regional)

When managers in a country has the wish to unify their national members or when they want to celebrate one of their climbs in the superlist or in the Natachas, they can manage a national meeting how, when and where they want in their country. The duration of those meetings is free. The exceutive committee only gives to managers the way to promote those events.

3. Occasional Crossroads 

Members can also manage short crossroads where members can meet freely or invite other members of the same region or in the same region for holidays. They can offer a meeting with a few lines edited here as a news.

!! Attention, please 

all the participants in those meetings and events are on their own responsabilites, like each other day when they try alone to climb a big in our superlist. He must always follow the official and obvious rules required by the authorities