NATaCHA Bosnia and Herzegovina

11th Natacha created in BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA

Natacha Bosnia and Herzegovina shows 100 tops with interesting climbs.


MAP : clic on the map below to get the location of those 100 tops and the links to their pages in the website

(also available in the website itself with the menu here up LIST-BOS-100)

Natacha Bosnia and Herzegovina is the 11th national challenge created in the BIGCYCLING association, and is part of the Balkans region that already countained Montenegro before.

The launch of this national challenge happened the 25th of june 2020, the same date as Croatia. 


You can find a large and full presentation of this challenge by clicking on the PDF HERE


Who will become the leader of the bosnian challenge ?

And who else will simply discover the cycloclimbing jewels of this country ?