In Kluisberg, 11 members met this last saturday for the annual belgian BIG-day. One superbig finisher (Etienne Mayeur), our webmaster (Wouter De Ruyck), our new secretary (Coen Schillemans), one belgian delegate (Axel Jansen - also in the german meeting one week before), our photo specialist (Jean-Luc Matte + his wife), a cyclogirl finisher (Nathalie George), an Ötztaler Radmarathon finisher (Jean-François Biernaux), our super latviaman (Juris Martins + his wife), our president (Daniel Gobert), all cycling, and due to a recent chirurgical operation not cycling temporarily but there, our honoured member Dominique Jacquemin and his wife (top5 woman classement), Dominique Vanstiphout. Great ambiance, hard cobbles, steep bigs : happiness ! 

The loop leads the 9 members first to the long cobbled climb of Oud-Kwaremont. Thre president insured the other ones that the cobbles are really new and were not there before. Liar ! Just afterwards, the Paterberg, a new claim for Nathaly. And the terrible Koppenberg where everybody was stron on the pedals. The cobbled streets of the tour of Flanders lead to another wellknwon climb, not in our superlist, the Taaienberg. And a long way to Geraardsbergen (Grammont) where the wall was waiting for us. Coen and Wouter were the stronger. But the group was very united and not so far one from another. Good ambiance and many jokes. 

Happily, we had Wouter as a GPS for the region. The way is simple to find : left, right, up, cobbles, left, right, down, cobbles, left, right, up 20%, cobbles, left, right, down, narrow road, cobbles, left, cobbles, right, cobbles, and so on...

Back through the Kruisberg, Hotondberg and finally the last climb to the very extreme top of the Kluisberg before a joyful dinner in the restaurant "'les Acacaias" in the big Kluisberg. Many souvenirs evocated and many plans for the future updated.

Next BIG-day surely more in the south, perhaps in the luxemburgish border, to mix the big-day with this country. let's see !

BIG DAY 2016

Rdv Mont de l’Enclus / Kluisbergen : 21/05/2016

08h30 : vertrek / Départ

Parcours/Route : 85km / 60km (openrunner 5618226)



Pour les non-cyclistes/ voor niet-fietsers : www.aquasunfit.be à Amougies

Renseignements Axel Jansen 



Participants / Deelnemers


 Etienne Mayeur

 Daniel Gobert

 Nathalie George (sure ?)

 Jean-Luc Matte

 Coen Schillemenans

 Wouter De Ruyck (no lunch)

 Juris Martins

 Jean-François Biernaux (no lunch)

 Axel Janssen

Dominique Jacquemin        

Dominique Vanstiphoudt