Important information

The zone + belongs to special rules well defined. To reach the Eurobig, the member must simply claim the 60 fixed and named numbers of this zone. If he wants, on the other way, to reach the « Superbig », he has to conquer or replace those numbers of this zone, with the following restrictions. A mix between the 60 fixed names in Europe and some other ones out of Europe following the same restrictions, has our agreement to reach the "eurobig", but it must use the good continents according to the good numbers.

Those 60 summits in zone +, Superbig section, will never be determinated by the Committee but will be freely choosen by the member. The restrictions to be followed are :

* Among those 60 climbs, we need to find 10 in Asia, 10 in Africa, 10 in Oceania, 10 in North or Central America, 10 in South America & finally10 in Ex-USSR(866-875( see map)).

The member must follow the following rules to claim in this zone

1) Free choice.
2) Complete the description sheet for each suggestion of climb
3) Submit the list we intend to make to the manager for zone 12. The latter gives the green light
If you do not submit your ascent beforehand, you must accept that the manager (guarantor of the
spirit) is the sole judge of its validity. He is sovereign
4) 5000 m Difference of Level (DOL) in total
5) Maximum 5 climbs below 500 m DOL
5.1. For each ascent whose DOL is between 150m and 500 m elevation
Indicate interest
Sports O Media O Tourist O Natural Park O other O
5.2 For ascents with a DOL of less than 150 m, have an average of 10% over 1 km
Indicate interest
Sports O Media O Tourist O Natural Park O other O
6) respect the spirit:
6.1 On a ridge only one peak will be counted
6.2 On an climb with up and down only one top will be counted
6.3 An ascent in the downhill back of a claimed top will not be counted
6.4 No common point, common summit, or common section with a previous claim will be allowed

The claims of your successes outside the European continent is not automatic . You MUST use the continent form even if the BIGs are already indicated in the list. This may be faster when a BIG already exists but when you go through the creation of a new ascension, it takes more time any way ( data verification, gps coordinates research, creation of BIG , Track slope, etc ...). Expect a longer or shorter period as the case without forgetting that your manager may also be on his bike for three weeks or more. The watchword is patience. For quick response thank you to fill the GPS data and/or send a sample map or Openrunner plot.

Who has not seen his statement introduced for a long time can contact the manager if it is not included in the waiting room but be careful this is also manual thus patience again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Z + SUPERBIG manager .

To declare out of Europe, one must : 

completely fill the formular available in the website, excepted eventually the gpx track

and follow the rules completely explained in the general rules of the BIGCYCLING website