Important information

The claims of your successes outside the European continent is not automatic . You MUST use the continent form even if the BIGs are already indicated in the list. This may be faster when a BIG already exists but when you go through the creation of a new ascension, it takes more time any way ( data verification, gps coordinates research, creation of BIG , Track slope, etc ...). Expect a longer or shorter period as the case without forgetting that your manager may also be on his bike for three weeks or more. The watchword is patience. For quick response thank you to fill the GPS data and/or send a sample map or Openrunner plot.

Who has not seen his statement introduced for a long time can contact the manager if it is not included in the waiting room but be careful this is also manual thus patience again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Z + SUPERBIG manager .



To declare out of Europe, one must : 
completely fill the formular available in the website, excepted eventually the gpx track

and follow the rules completely explained in the general rules of the BIGCYCLING website