199 - Hirschbichl

SCHOOT Hugo - 05-09-2021:

There are super steep segments in the North climb of which one (Teufelsstrecke - devil’s segment) according to Strava is 400 m long averaging 20%. So over 500 m at least 16%. According to the Garmin the steepest peak was around 24%. Better to mention this on the site!

CHARBONNIER Robert - 23-06-2020:
I personaly don't know this climb but as slope is calculated over 500 m segments, technically a steep but short stretch may not appear on the profile. Thank you for the warning anyway.

BOYENK Arnold - 22-06-2020:
Maximum stijging 10% aan de nnordkant klopt niet. Er is een stuk van zeker 23%,