The increasing of your score in the general classement of the BIG requests pain and courage of you.

We give you as a feedback of this sport feat some diplomas and trophees. 

You can get when you are a contributing member :

- Medal when you'll become an half-finisher (500 BIGs)
  But note that you need to pay besides your contribution an additional amount of €10,00.
  Order via one of the options below.

- Trophee when you'll become a finisher.

- Badges on your member's homepage when you reached some step in our challenges



a) European Bank transfer :
     BIG Cycling - Clos des Coteaux 4 - B-5001 Belgrade (Belgium)
     Bank : Triodos Bank nv - Rue Haute 139/3 - B-1000 Brussels (Belgium) - Head office : Zeist (Netherlands)
                 IBAN: BE48 5230 8083 5027
                 BIC: TRIOBEBB

b) Cash-money scotched under postal envelope to our treasurer :

Jacquemin Dominique 
2 Parnassiuskruidstraat 
8670 Koksijde 

c) Paypal : click on the icon in the website.

Marque d'acceptation