515 - Pena (Sintra)

BRUNETTI Gabriele - 06-07-2022:
This is fantastic climb with the W side from the atlantic coast through a natural park Cascais-Sintra and the great final part starting on the Estrada da Pena which is one way road through wood with many hairpins. The road is large for the car and minibus taking tourists to the castle on the top. Highly recommended.
CHARBONNIER Robert - 24-08-2018:
Tracés modifiés / Tracks modified
WEYTMANS Christiaan - 06-06-2018:
We did this climb on 3-6-2018. The track showed us a way up against a one-direction-road with very busy traffic downwards, inclusive big busses. So we decided to search another way up from the railwaystation were we parked our cars.. We found a quite road in bad quality which came with some hairpins and a descent further on the track. We followed the track but it ended at a dead place so we searched our way to the castle. In the descent we lost our track again due to the one-direction-traffic, and had difficulties to find the railwaystation again. Sintra is really a complicated village. Therefore we suggest that a person who is locally known makes a proposition for the best solution to improve the track.