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B.I.G. hymn, created freely for our challenge by Aurian Gobert, our member nr 147, in the year 2016. This hymn was built on several ideas. The first part looks like a symphony because mountain and legend are symphonies. Afterwards, begins the sport area with some energy and here the vocals and the musics begin the rock section. When ended, names of bigs are listed one after the other like our claims and lead to the final sprint with an increasing of speed and energy until the top. The final part is the sentimental and cool feeling after the success on the top. Please open your ears and feel good with the B.I.G. hymn

Music, composition, guitar, Keyboards, vocals : Aurian Gobert

Lyrics B.I.G HYMN

In the cold early morning

sous le soleil sous une pluie fine

We ride upper with our bike

Grimper à vélo, tous on like

Et on grimpe sur les hauteurs

Tous en mode BIG,BIG,BIG

And we climb as a finisher

All on the way BIG,BIG,BIG

Et on balance en danseuse

Tous en mode BIG,BIG,BIG

And we claim the most famous

All on the way BIG... so BIG.

On steep and heavy slopes

Sur les pentes folles du globe

We climb bigs and passes

Un petit braquet nous assiste


To infinity from zero - Deviens ton propre héro - From zero to infinity - BIG climbing inonde ta vie

Angliru - Mortirolo - Galibier & Turchino - North Cape & Veleta - Koppenberg - Stalheimkleiva - Holme Moss, Nebelhorn - Passo Stelvio et le Fuorn

BIG,BIG ... le challenge mythique - BIG,BIG ... it's fantastic