196 - Wallbergstraße

BOYENK Arnold - 25-06-2019:
Waar de BIG volgens het kaartje zijn top bereikt, staat een bordje met hoogte 1.500m. Mijn Garmin hield het op 1.400m
CHARBONNIER Robert - 18-10-2018:
Portion non goudronnée indiquée / Gravel stretch indicated
SCHUYER Roland - 12-08-2018:
You're right about this climb. I did the 2nd part by MTB and that's okay. To me the gravel part doesn't add something extra, but it's a part of this climb.
Seeya Roland
KOOL Martin - 08-08-2018:
Very steep climb, in the last 5 km. Last 500 meter no tarmac but gravel road with lots of stones. (8-8-2018). I did it with the roadbike but a mtb would be better for me.