Regional BIG Meeting in Wilgartswiesen / Pfalz  11.-13.10.2019

BIGCYCLING had a very successful meeting in the beautiful Pfälzer Wald on October 11-13, with 15 participants from different countries:

Irene Schneider, Christiaan Weytmans, Anja von Heydebreck, Claudia Sommer-Brenner, Karl Brenner, Heiko Linnert, Christophe Badonnel, Helmuth Dekkers, Christian Hauenstein, Kevin Speed, Dirk Buschmann, Wim van Els, Hans-Peter Hefner, Ard Oostra and Dirk Alt. 

With two beautiful round trips prepared by our local member Hans-Peter Hefner, we covered six NATaCHA climbs including the BIG Trifels, where some of us had already met in 2010 for the 25th anniversary of Challenge BIG. And we witnessed the first finisher of the German NATaCHA, Heiko Linnert, who completed this challenge of 375 climbs at the top of Große Kalmit.   

Photo of the group (clic on the photo to enlarge) / Photo du groupe (cliquez sur la photo pour l'agrandir)
Friday 11.10.19
Arrival, Dinner in Wilgartswiesen, Hotel Brunnenhof
Saturday 12.10.19
Start 10:00 Wilgartswiesen - Kleine Kalmit - Große Kalmit – Lolosruhe – Wilgartswiesen 
96 km, 1571 hm 
Dinner in Wilgartswiesen, Hotel Brunnenhof
Sunday 13.10.19
Start 9:00 Wilgartswiesen - Hermersbergerhof - Hohe Derst – Wilgartswiesen 
71 km, 1559 hm
Variations are possible, e.g.:
- Großer Mückenkopf – extra 36 km on Sunday
- BIG Trifels with 7.5 km and ca. 190 hm from Annweiler on Saturday
Accommodation (please book on your own):
Hotel Brunnenhof, Wilgartswiesen: http://www.booking.com/Share-nTOxfX  
October is peak season in the Pfälzer Wald, many places are already fully booked. It is recommended to book as soon as possible.  
To register please contact
Anja von Heydebreck 
Heiko Linnert
Heiko Linnert
Anja von Heydebreck
Dirk Buschmann
Hans-Peter Heffner
Ard Oostra
Helmuth Dekkers 12.10.
Christiaan Weytmans 12.10.
Claudia Sommer
Karl Brenner
Christian Hauenstein
Irene Schneider