776 - Forca Canapine

Octobre 2019 : route ouverte jusqu'au col côté Norcia (W), fermée sur l'autre versant (E)
Ottobre 2019 : strada aperta fino al passo sul versante Norcia (W), chiusa sull'altro lato (E)
October 2019 : road open freely up to the pass on the Norcia side (W), closed on the other side (E)
OPOLECKY Hynek - 30-09-2019:
Hynek 17-09-2019
Yes, the road is closed yet. I did not know this reality. But fortunetaly when I was there, some road workers open the roadblock for them and of course for me and I could go on. I was able to do it (via Norcia). Currently the road is almost finished. Those workers put protective crash barriere along the roadway.
TIRONZELLI Gabriele - 22-08-2019:
In this moment the road is closed (last 2 km), but last year it was possible climbed also the last 2 km. Work in progress to open the road for the next summer (I hope!).
SOMMER-Brenner Claudia - 11-07-2019:
This BIG is official closed from both sides and it looks that this will continue. The street will no be maintained anymore, it is a nature Park.
We went up, but were stopped from a ranger.
We had only 2 km to go, so he let us go on.
SCHOOT Hugo - 19-08-2017:
This BIG is closed in 2017 due to the earthquake last year. I wasn't allowed to go. Check before you go!