728 - Passo Porte del Pasubio

NILSON Jerry - 23-06-2022:
Why is not the other road up here included – the one that could be cycled with a road bike?
NOOTENBOOM Louis - 20-08-2019:
I also tried to ride the Pasubio in may from the town of Sant’Antonio. Due to heavy rain I had to stop. Now I rode from the town of Valli del Pasubio. Little bit longer and more climbing, but much more rewarding. No cars at all, small roads and excellent tarmac. Highly recommended to ride from Valli del Pasubio. For the gravel part you will need definitely big tyres. I did it on my gravel bike with 47mm tyres and that was ok for me, although the last 4 k has big boulders and was tougher. An MTB could do the job maybe better.
CHARBONNIER Robert - 29-05-2019:
Indications muletier versant S corrigées / Gravel indications for side S corrected
WEYTMANS Christiaan - 17-05-2019:
Due to bad weather, we had to change our Austrian-trip into a Lake-Garda-trip. So on 17 may 2019 we tryed to do Pasubio from the south side without good preparation, for instance look to the really beautiful pictures of Wim van Els and Ard Oostra. So for us it was a tragic surprise that after 11 km cycling on asphalt the track changed into a MTB- path. So we decided to walk up and to enjoy of the excellent views, it was really a majestic sight.
Unfortunately we were stuck in the snow 4 km under the top so we did not reach the top.......