183 - Katzenbuckel

DE GROOT Johan - 08-09-2015:
I was coming from the north. My GPS send me to the Adlerweg. You wil end up at the Katzenpfad at the back side of the mountain. From there you have to walk to the top.
KOOL Martin - 09-10-2013:
I agree with Hugo. Last hundreds meters are very bad and it's an official foothpath! The sign along the path says so.
SCHOOT Hugo - 18-06-2013:
If you go up on a race bike, take care of the last 500 m... from the maps shown on the site it is not clear to me what the official top is. From the south the highest point (where the tower is located) is indicated. This is a really bad road with big stones. You risk serious damage to the bike (I survived fortunately). Descending the first 200 m on the race bike is suicide so I walked... The climb from the north ends according to the map close to the ski jump. Also that road is bad but better. Both the north and south clim have pretty steep parts - max speed going down was 73 km/h (with breaking).