679 - Colle Sommeiller

WEYTMANS Christiaan - 26-06-2022:
We did this climb on 25-6-2022. The asphalt section (first 8 km) is very irregular: steep parts and flat parts follow each other. The gravel section (8-21 km) can be done by a roadbike if you are a gravel-specialist, but we were glad to have a rented MTB. But than the last section is mainly lose stones as Bas Nieuwenhuis noted 7 years ago. Half of this section I choose to walk, despite my mountainbike, even in the descent I choose to walk small parts. I know some of my friends call me a pussy, but for a limited cyclist as me this is a dangerous section. We placed a picture on the website of a sign that shows the top is only 5,3 km. If you like the climb, please continue to the top, but if you hate this section like I did, it is fully understandable that you stop climbing, take a picture and claim this BIG because it will only get worse!!!
NIEUWENHUIS Bas - 28-08-2015:
Dear BIG members,
I made the Sommeiller today on a (rented) roadbike, and this was a bad idea. The road is so bad, you really require a mountainbike, preferably a full suspension one to get you safely back down in Bardonechia.
The road surface is not gravel (gravillon), but rocks (pierres), up to 25cm in size. I had five flat tires.
Cheers, Bas