934 - Dikteon Andre › ΔΙΚτΕΑ

JANSSEN Richard - 25-03-2018:
Fully agree to Ubald's comments. Just want to add that in busy tourist times the pathway is also used by donkeys to carry tourists to the top. The last bit to the entrance of the cave are not even a road anymore but full with roots. Absolutely a no go and this last bit should be taken out of the BIG. Suggested to put the top at the car park.

KRAGTEN Ubald - 12-11-2017:
Once arrived at the parking lot, you should consider this as the end of the climb. The route to the top is not only extremely steep and narrow (1, max 2 m) but also crowded with tourists walking up and down making it virtually impossible to ride your bike (even an ATB). The surface consists of tiles which become extremely slippery in case it rains (VERY low chance of rain but we had rain).