737 - Colle del Gran San Bernardo / Col du Grand Saint-Bernard

WEYTMANS Christiaan - 15-05-2023:
We did this climb on 15 th of May2023 from the south side, the quit road through the villages, my brother said: who this track discovered earns a statue, because it was really nice road, with hardley any traffic, fantastic cycling, so Louis Nooteboom: you earn a statue!!!
Second surprise: the north side of the pass still was closed because of the snow, so the south side was closed too, but free of snow!! So also the last 15 km there was no traffic!!! We enjoyed very much, compared to the north side with tunnels and traffic, this side is fantastic!!

NOOTENBOOM Louis - 02-08-2021:
From Aoste there is a much nicer and saver road. The original road has really heavy traffic going trough the tunnel (literally several thousand cars every day). Many Swiss drivers off course and as you know they are driving like mad and don’t care about cyclists. From Aoste go to Cache, Roison, Alein and finally Etroubles where you will be on the main road for 3 km and turn left on the road to the pass. It’s a really beautiful route with almost no traffic at all.

BRIOLLET Daniel - 13-07-2019:
Ma note de 2017 est toujours valable.
The trace is false because it is too short at S. The top of the pass is not the border as shown on the map, but
at the Hospice, north of the lake 400 m further, and so ...... in Switzerland.
This collar should not be classified in Italy zone.

BRIOLLET Daniel - 21-08-2017:
La trace est fausse car trop courte en versant S. Le sommet du col n'est pas la frontière comme indiqué sur le plan, mais
à l'Hospice, au Nord du lac 400 m plus loin, et donc...... en Suisse.
Ce col ne devrait pas être classé en zone Italie.

BERALDO Gianni - 17-08-2012:
gran bel passo,,,
le alte montagne hanno sempre un gran fascino. La prima parte è piuttosto noiosa, anche perchè sino al traforo si può trovare un pò di traffico, ma poi è veramente una bella salita. Non è dura, cosi' si può godersela. Spettacolari gli ultimi km, quando si è sotto l'ultimo bastione da scalare.