165 - Donnersberg

SCHOOT Hugo - 21-10-2012:
Beautiful scenery especially on a sunny autumn day. Climbed the big from all three sides, all have an easy approach with the same finale which contains about two km above 10%.
The climb from Rockenhausen has the best views. If you have a choice don't start in Marnheim because the first five km are over a busy and dangerous road which is flat anyway (I have suggested to change this to the organization). If you have time and energy left after doing the official climb there is a more interesting climb to the top via the south route: turn left when entering Dannenfels. Shorter and thus steeper but also nicer and more quiet (no motors).
I saw all colours of the rainbow: green, yellow, red in the autumn trees and some blue smurfs standing by the roadside during my last climb to the top. They were probably wondering what the idiot was doing there all day...