During the last couple of weeks, a lot of effort has been done together with the designer and the committee. Untill now not all functions are available, something we are aware of, but we request you some patience! The next days and weeks our focus is on making the website error free and make it visible and working on all browsers and screen.

If you notice something that isn't working as it should be, do not hesitate to contact me, the best way to do this is using our message system. Click here to send a message. You can contact me in English, Dutch and French. Other languages require Google Translate, and I can't be sure that I understand if then ;-). Report everything you see! I can not ensure that it will be fixed directly, but I put it on our list. If something isn't clear, I can help you out with that too!

Kind regards!

Wouter De Ruyck
BIG - webmaster