7 - Almannaskarð

SCHOOT Hugo - 05-08-2018:
As Daniel mentioned, the climb on the West side is unpaved. It is part of the old ringroad around the island before the tunnel was built. You end higher than the tunnel. Very loose gravel impossible for a race bike. The owner of hotel Arnanes where I stayed (just North of nearby Høfn) let me use his MTB but even with that it was a very tough climb. Very steep (up to 21% in the gravel is no fun), wet, cold and sinking a few cm in the grid but a beautiful view.
BRIOLLET Daniel - 03-08-2018:
Le versant W est interdit aux voitures. Il y a une carrière à mi chemin, donc rouages de camions et après cause plus de véhicules des pierre assez instables. Vu la pente, l'adhérence est très faible. Versant E conseillé